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Welcome to Mager Mountain Alpacas 

Welcome to Mager Mountain Alpacas and thank for visiting our newly redesigned website! Take a look at all our wonderful alpacas. We hope you appreciate them as much as we do! 

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We invite you to come and visit or browse online to see our wide selection of quality alpaca goods. 

Our Alpacas 

We here at Mager Mountain Alpacas invite you to browse through our wonderful award winning alpacas! 

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We invite you to come and visit us to share with you all the great things our farm has to offer.  

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Feminine Touch

The alpaca business by its nature is a very female oriented business. Women are attracted to raising alpacas like no other agri-business. Alpacas respond well to a woman's nurturing care. Their small stature and sweet disposition allow women a hands on approach. The primary caregivers to the herd with chores only taking about a half hour a day for a herd of 10 are often women. Alpaca fleece can be harvested once a year without harming the animal. Many owners take up various fiber arts such as spinning, knitting, felting and other crafts. A small farm store selling hand made and imported alpaca products is a great way to add cash flow and help meet the expenses of the farm. Alpaca farming quickly becomes a family activity involving children and grandchildren in the caring for and showing of favorite Alpacas at an ever increasing number of shows.
If you love animals and always wanted to breed, raise and care for livestock, check out our farm and see if the passion for raising alpacas might be right for you.
Good help is hard to find!
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