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Nancy has the most interesting fleece colors we have ever seen. She is basically Bay Black with a white face but also has several spots. Some of the spots are silver/grey but others are a "gold" color thats not even on the charts.

One thing is for sure, she has an exceptionally soft handle so I can't wait to have her fiber tested. Nancy also has unusually long staple length with a bold bundle and crimp style. She is very well conformed with big bone. She is very mild mannered and easy to handle.

Nancy could be ready to breed this fall but, we will probably wait until spring of 2016 to breed her. We will stay within our breeding program and breed her to David, a cross we are confident will produce elete colored alpacas. David usually produces the color of the Dam, but with Nancy will that be black, white, grey or GOLD?

Nancy comes with a free breed back to any Mager Mountain herdsire as well as full reproductive and live birth garauntees.

For more information or to see Nancy email mage@magermountainalpacas.com or call 716-938-9077.

Patagonia's Almirante Blue Ribbon - Best of US

List of Females:

Alpaca Information:
MMtnA Nancy
ARI: 32468458
Date of Birth:
Patagonia's Almirante
From Patagonia's Lennox, Danko and Nisho
Almirante Fiber Stat: Denisty 71 fsqmm AFD 16 microns
MMtnA Angel Gold
From 4Peruvian Altiplano Gold
Unbred Maiden
Suggested Service Sire:

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