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Welcome to Mager Mountain Alpacas 

Welcome to Mager Mountain Alpacas and thank for visiting our newly redesigned website! Take a look at all our wonderful alpacas. We hope you appreciate them as much as we do! 

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We invite you to come and visit or browse online to see our wide selection of quality alpaca goods. 

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We here at Mager Mountain Alpacas invite you to browse through our wonderful award winning alpacas! 

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We invite you to come and visit us to share with you all the great things our farm has to offer.  

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Every farm needs an Alpaca that comes to his name and cuddles with visitors. "Donnie" not only comes running but clucks for a kiss.

Don Juan has moved on to another farm but will remain in our hearts forever. Donnie was one of the first alpacas we bought at only one year of age and certainly impacted our farm more than any other animal. Being the son of a direct Chilean Import, it was not his genetics that set him apart.
Our granddaughter Andie fell in love with Donnie from the start. Donnie could pick her out from a crowd and would always come when she called him. We credit Don Juan with involving our grandkids on our farm.
Donnie became known as the "kissing alpaca" and was the ideal PR animal as he would greet farm visitors with a kiss, even though Andie is a brunette, he particularly liked blondes. New visitors often would ask to see Don Juan, as his reputation preceded him.
Donnie sired two offspring, ZZ who inherited his personality and is a PR alpaca for Zaramama Alpacas and a beautiful female named Buttercup, who is a screen saver on many visitor's cell phones.
Donnie has retired to a critter farm where he is loved and well cared for. Ironically that farm is only a mile down the road from Andie's house, where she still stops by for a kiss.

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